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Vector Art

We are a Company on the Wirral specializing in vector conversion, also known as vector redraw, logo redraw, convert to vector, jpeg to vector, jpeg to EPS and many other acronyms.

You may want to use our convert to vector service for many reasons, some of which may be as follows:

What we can do for you and what makes us different from others

We can improve the quality of your image, artwork or logo to ensure that it prints clearly at any size.

We Manually Convert or Recreate your image, logo or artwork into a VECTOR FILE FORMAT.

We can make Changes at no extra cost.

We accept all file types including JPGs (Jpeg), PNGs, Word, Scans, PDFs, Sketches – and more.

We send you free proofs on multiple occasions, until you are happy.

If you are not happy then we have a no quibble money back guarantee.